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Cleansing bundle - 1 White Sage stick + 1 Palo Santo stick

Enjoy the cleansing benefits of both Palo Santo and White Sage with this new bundle.




  • Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing.
  • Inspiring creativity and bringing love and good fortune.
  • Bringing a deeper connection to the divine source.
  • Physical healing.
  • Energetic protection and the removal of negativity.
  • The enticing and clarifying palo santo scent. 
  • Vibrational cleansing and renewal for crystals.
  • Calming the mind and mental ailments.
  • Warding off unwelcome insects in the summer months. 



  • Helps boost your energy levels
  • Ridding the body, objects, and spaces of bad energy can help welcome in newer, fresher, and more positive energies
  • Has an energizing effect and helps with fatigue
  • Boost your mood and decreses stress
  • Helps with grounding and becoming more mindful