About MamaPeace

Alaina Douglas a Huntsville Native. Always had aspirations to be an inspiration to people through self-Love. To help people know that they are here for a purpose and the truth is within. As a child she enjoyed dancing, writing, reading, art and nature. From elementary to high school, Alaina took part in extracurricular activities such as track, dance, soccer and JROTC. There were so many paths she wanted to pursue growing up but Yoga came to her so naturally. Being a dancer and athlete all her life, yoga allows her to know her body on an even deeper level. “The way your body moves like that of a dancer and the strength you gain is a different type of power.” She received her Bachelors in Marketing from Alabama A&M University and later met Anthony Miller. Within their first year of knowing each other they created Fit2Love LLC and later became parents to another one of their greatest inspirations. Fit2Love, a lifestyle brand focused on balancing mind, body and soul while doing all things with Love.