"Our very first date we talked about the universe and our desires to change the world through Love. Anthony, explained that a mastermind is when two minds are in alignment with one another; and our minds had aligned for a greater purpose. That night we knew that we had created a mastermind, with the foundation built on Love." 

On the path to self love and awareness, Anthony Miller and Alaina Douglas decided to be students of life and teachers of Love. Soon after Fit2Love was birthed, a lifestyle brand created to help teach and learn with others the balancing of the mind, body and soul. Through fitness, yoga, meditation, healthy dieting and other holistic services Fit2Love is here to help you maintain a healthy balanced life.



Classes, Small Group, Personal Training

Exercises focusing on overall strength, endurance, agility and speed.


Classes, Small Group, Private Sessions

Exercises focusing on the balancing of the mind, body, and soul.

Corporate Yoga

Invest in your employees' mental health!

The day to day work environment can often be stressful, let yoga be your release. Book a yoga session for your company today!


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